CodePupil - Launches Preview!

April 20, 2012

Today we are happy to announce the launch of a preview lesson - Lesson One: Boxes and Colors.

As you may notice we are focusing on teaching HTML and CSS thru fun visual exercises and games. In time we will be teaching other coding languages through our unique and fun exercises/games.

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We hope you enjoyed the preview and would love to hear your feedback in the chat box!


Ryan, Sanjib and Paul

p.s. Also feel free to reach out via email - ryan(at)codepupil(dot)com

CodePupil - Launching Soon!

Thanks for your interest in CodePupil.

We are 3 friends who have been working together for the past few years on various digital products & services. Combined we have over a decade of experience in Web Design, Development and Online Marketing.

CodePupil was a concept we pitched in April 2011 at StartUp Weekend Baltimore. We put some focus into it at the event, but later put it on the back burner. In August of 2011 we witnessed the launch and reaction to Codecademy. Upon seeing the excitement for the concept (learning to code thru gaming), we shifted our focus soley to CodePupil.

Further, CodePupil’s creation was fueled by the struggles we had when building our first web start-up, as the team as a whole lacked necessary technical skills. It took us a long time to get our product out as we taught ourselves how to code along the way. With these struggles in mind we thought there should be an easier, quicker and more fun way to learn how to code.

So in the coming weeks ahead there will be an easier, quicker and innovative way to learn how to code. It will be complimentary to Codecademy (we really dig what they are doing), but different, as our style of teaching is totally unique and a lot of fun too!

We’re excited and thank you for your interest!


Ryan, Sanjib and Paul

Pitching CodePupil @ StartUp Weekend Baltimore

Photo by Michael Rosner

Above is a photo of Ryan pitching CodePupil at StartUp Weekend.

Overall it's not a terribly exciting photo, but we posted it on & then linked to it here, so Google would index our site faster.

The more varied type of content you have posted on top tier sites (i.e. Flickr and YouTube) in which you then link to on your blog, the quicker you'll appear on Google. Here is the same photo on our account and in the caption of the photo on Flickr we mention CodePupil.